6 Reasons Your Senior Should Consider Hospice Sooner Rather than Later

Hospice Elder Care in Rocklin CA

Hospice Elder Care in Rocklin CA

Putting off big decisions is a natural reaction, often to situations that feel big and scary. For your senior and you, that might mean that the idea of starting your senior in hospice elder care feels too soon or as if it is not the right choice. But acting sooner might be better.

Improved Quality of Life

The assistance that hospice care offers to your senior can greatly improve her quality of life. People with chronic health conditions or progressive diseases often experience pain and discomfort while undergoing curative therapies. Hospice focuses on helping your elderly family member to feel better and to manage the symptoms that are most troublesome.

Improved Monitoring of What’s Happening with Your Senior’s Health

It’s one thing for you to keep an eye on your elderly family member’s health and how she’s feeling. Hospice elder care brings in skilled nursing care professionals who are able to accurately monitor vital signs and track changes in her overall well-being. That’s information that her medical team can use to accurately see how she’s doing and assess what she needs.

Greater Choice and Control for Your Senior

Being ill can often feel as if your elderly family member no longer has any choices or control over her life and body. That’s incredibly frustrating and can lead to a tremendous amount of stress that isn’t conducive to helping her to have the best quality of life that she can have. Hospice providers help your elderly family member to see that she has options and to avail herself of those options.

Increased Lifespan

All of these factors can all contribute to a longer lifespan for your elderly family member. This can be essential when your senior only has a few precious months left. Recertifying for hospice elder care is possible, and your elderly family member can still enjoy the benefits from this type of care.

Greater Opportunities for Personalized Support for the Family

There’s a tremendous amount of pressure on you and the rest of your senior’s family as you face the end of her life. Choosing hospice elder care sooner can offer your entire family more personalized support earlier in the process. Having access to the tools and resources that you truly need can enable you to be there for your senior when she needs you most.

She Can Opt Out and Return

Many people believe that if they opt into hospice care “too soon,” they won’t have access to it when they truly need it. But the reality is that your senior’s doctor can certify her for hospice services and then she may decide to opt out and return to curative therapies. If she changes her mind at a later time, she can opt back in.

Setting up a time to talk to your senior’s doctor about whether hospice is the right choice for her right now is a good start. From there, you and your elderly family member can look at more of the benefits of this type of care.


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