Life After Caregiving and How Hospice Elder Care Helps

Hospice Elder Care in Folsom CA

Caring for someone as they age is an incredibly rewarding experience. For so many family caregivers, the caregiving journey becomes such a huge part of their lives that it’s tough to remember what life was like before. And as someone they love and care for nears the end of life, it’s even tougher to understand…

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Open House for Sierra View Senior Living!

Home Care in Grass Valley CA

Partners In Care Hospice and In Home Care attended the Open House for #SierraViewSeniorLiving in Grass Valley as they celebrated their 40 years of being apart of the Grass Valley Community. @lisaVixieWinget is a huge part of this 3 generation family owned Assisted Living Facility. Thank you for allowing Partners In Care to be apart…

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Meet Our Newest Team Member!

Meet our newest team member!

Cooper is in training to be a Comfort Dog for PIC Hospice. While he’s getting ready to go and visit patients, he’s currently splitting his days between the Partners In Care Homecare office and the PIC Hospice office. He shows up every day ready to spread joy and love, and is exceling at being a…

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How Does Hospice Care Help Patients with Advanced Heart Disease?

Hospice Care in Lincoln CA

Advanced heart disease comes with a lot of different challenges that require some specialized care, especially as patients near the end of that journey. Hospice care offers a holistic approach to care that benefits the patient as well as the family members who want to be there for the patient. Here’s how hospice can help…

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PIC Hospice and Sunrise ALF in Rocklin Celebrate Community!

PIC Hospice enjoys celebrating the power of connection and community! It’s moments like these that remind us of the beauty in coming together. Jamie, from Sunrise ALF in Rocklin, and the wonderful team from PIC Hospice, shared a local lunch, embodying the spirit of friendship and collaboration. Here’s to many more moments of joy, laughter,…

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Six Ways to Make it Easier to Transition to Hospice Elder Care

Hospice Elder Care in Chico CA

Making the transition to hospice elder care can be an incredibly emotional decision for patients and families to make. There are a lot of benefits to moving from curative treatments to care that prioritizes comfort and quality of life, but it can still be difficult. The key can be taking things slowly and making sure…

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What Are the Benefits of Hospice Care at Home?

Hospice Care in Yuba City CA

There are lots of misconceptions about hospice care, including that it can only be accessed in a hospital or hospice facility. Many people find that accessing hospice care services at home is not only easier for family members and friends but also offers fantastic benefits for the person in need of hospice. Comfort in Familiar…

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Four Reasons Hospice Elder Care is the Right Choice at the End of Life

Hospice Elder Care in Auburn CA

Ensuring that aging adults receive compassionate and comprehensive care at the end of life becomes a top priority as that time comes closer for seniors. Hospice elder care offers a specialized approach to end-of-life care, focusing on comfort, support, and dignity during this delicate time. If seniors are still deciding whether hospice is the right…

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What Is a Do Not Resuscitate Order?

Hospice Care in Roseville CA

End-of-life decisions are complicated and there are some big preferences that have to be considered when families are having these conversations. These conversations are often not easy to have, but they are essential, especially when it comes to medical directives. One important piece of end-of-life conversations is something called the Do Not Resuscitate order, or…

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Six Ways to Provide Comfort for People at the End of Life

Hospice Elder Care in Maryville CA

People who are near the end of their lives are often uncomfortable. There might be a great deal of pain, or they may have other issues, like difficulty moving their bodies or trouble breathing. Hospice elder care can help with a lot of these issues, but family caregivers may feel out of their depth and…

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