Can Your Senior Remain at Home, Even with a Terminal Illness?

Hospice Elder Care in Chico CA

Hospice Elder Care in Chico CA

When it comes to dealing with terminal health conditions, there are so many questions. Will your senior have to leave her home? Will she be forced to choose alternative living situations as her health declines? Those questions are difficult ones to answer, but they’re a lot easier for you and your senior to contemplate when you and your senior have a plan you can lean on together.

Facing What’s Happening as a Team

Whether this is something that your senior knew was going to happen or not, it’s still a shock for her to know that she’s moving into the later stages of any illness. Knowing that something is likely to happen is one thing but being faced with the reality of her situation is totally different. It’s possible that your senior has a lot of emotions that she hasn’t fully explored yet, and it may take time to work through how she’s feeling.

Talking about What’s to Come

There’s a lot of talking you and your elderly family member need to do. It’s hard to have these types of conversations, which is often why families wait. But if you and your senior haven’t talked about her final wishes yet or how she wants to spend the last few months of her life, now is most certainly the time. This is something that hospice elder care can help you to do. Working through your elderly family member’s last wishes is a lot easier with experienced help.

Assessing Needs for Your Senior

What does your senior need most? Assessing and prioritizing needs is difficult enough, but when you add the emotional impact of what’s going on, that’s even more complicated. Part of assessing needs involves looking at the concerns your elderly family member has and where you can be of the most use to her. Determine what is becoming difficult for her and where she could benefit most from hands-on assistance. That’s going to allow you to put the right solutions in place for her.

Getting Help in Place as Soon as Possible

It can feel like it’s you and your senior all alone fighting this battle as their health worsens. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Hospice elder care providers can assist with all sorts of aspects of your senior’s care from monitoring their health to assisting with meals and other needs. They work closely with your elderly family member’s medical team as well to ensure that she has the care that she needs for her specific health issues. They can also help your senior to remain as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

Having the right care plan in place when your senior is facing a terminal illness can help her to spend the time that she has left in her home if that’s what she wants. Just knowing that she’s not being forced to choose another option can help her to relax and to enjoy the time that she has left with you and the rest of her family.

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