How Does Hospice Care Help Patients with Advanced Heart Disease?

Hospice Care in Lincoln CA

Advanced heart disease comes with a lot of different challenges that require some specialized care, especially as patients near the end of that journey. Hospice care offers a holistic approach to care that benefits the patient as well as the family members who want to be there for the patient. Here’s how hospice can help…

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PIC Hospice and Sunrise ALF in Rocklin Celebrate Community!

PIC Hospice enjoys celebrating the power of connection and community! It’s moments like these that remind us of the beauty in coming together. Jamie, from Sunrise ALF in Rocklin, and the wonderful team from PIC Hospice, shared a local lunch, embodying the spirit of friendship and collaboration. Here’s to many more moments of joy, laughter,…

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What Are the Benefits of Hospice Care at Home?

Hospice Care in Yuba City CA

There are lots of misconceptions about hospice care, including that it can only be accessed in a hospital or hospice facility. Many people find that accessing hospice care services at home is not only easier for family members and friends but also offers fantastic benefits for the person in need of hospice. Comfort in Familiar…

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Hospice Myths and Their Corresponding Truths

Hospice Care in Sacramento CA

Hospice care is a vital part of helping people and families manage end-of-life concerns. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about this type of care that make families reluctant to accept this kind of assistance. Here are some of the myths that abound about hospice care and the realities that go with them. Hospice…

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Six Things Families Need to Know about Hospice Care

Hospice Care in Grass Valley CA

End-of-life concerns are difficult to manage, especially for families that weren’t expecting to be on that journey just yet. Hospice care offers a variety of types of specialized care that makes end-of-life care easier to manage. Understanding as much as possible about hospice and how it works helps families make the right care choices. Criteria…

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Falls Prevention Summit

Partners In Care Home Care and Partners in Care Hospice teamed up again on Friday September 22nd at Twin Cities Church in Grass Valley for the Falls Prevention Coalition of Nevada County Annual Summit! We were an event sponsor and Kristen and Connie were at the table to answer questions and share information with attendees.…

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How Does Hospice Care Help Seniors Who Are Failing to Thrive?

Hospice Care in Folsom CA

Hospice care offers compassionate and holistic care to people who are near the end of life. Often seniors who are facing life-limiting illnesses begin to experience something called failure to thrive. This means that they are experiencing declining health, sometimes even with other treatments in place to help stabilize their symptoms. Hospice can help seniors…

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How Can Family Members Tell When Seniors Are Giving up on Life?

Hospice Elder Care in Rocklin CA

When a senior family member is near the end of life, it’s not always easy for family caregivers to understand what is going on. They might worry that their senior is giving up on life, especially when health issues are getting worse. Hospice elder care providers can offer valuable support to both aging adults at…

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Working Together at the Placer County Resource Fair!

Partners In Care Homecare and Partners in Care Hospice had another great day working together at the Placer County Resource Fair! Kristen and Naomi were out sharing information with the attendees at this great event at the Maidu Community Center in Roseville. This annual event, hosted by Placer Protect, Placer County DA’s Office and Placer…

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How Does Hospice Care Ease Seniors through the End of Their Lives?

Hospice Care in Rocklin CA

Facing the end of life is a challenging and emotional journey, especially for seniors and their families. Hospice care provides specialized support and comfort for seniors during their final stages of life, offering a compassionate and dignified experience. Hospice focuses on alleviating pain, managing symptoms, and enhancing the overall quality of life for seniors in…

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