End-of-life Care and Managing Symptoms

End-of-Life Care in Chico CA

End-of-Life Care in Chico CA

So much about the end of your senior’s life can feel as if it’s out of control, for her and for you. Keeping up with all of the different symptoms she might be experiencing can be a huge challenge. End-of-life care gives your senior a few more options in how she can address some of those symptoms and issues in a way that protects her quality of life as much as possible.

Physical Symptoms

There are a wide range of physical symptoms your elderly family member is likely to experience as she nears the end of her life. These can include symptoms like trouble breathing, pain, difficulty regulating temperature, and more. Managing these symptoms can feel impossible at times, especially if they feel like they’re changing faster than any solutions can keep up. End-of-life care providers can offer solutions that help your senior to adapt and experience greater relief than she might expect.

Spiritual Symptoms

Spiritual needs at the end of life often get overlooked, but they’re vitally important for seniors. Even if your elderly family member hasn’t seemed to be very interested in religion throughout her life, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have spiritual needs as she nears the end of her life. This might mean connecting your elderly family member with a spiritual leader who can help her to come to terms with this stage of her life. It could also mean simply spending time helping your elderly family member to connect with her community in whatever way she is able to do so now.

Mental and Emotional Symptoms

It can be incredibly difficult to face the end of one’s life. That’s true for your senior, and it’s true for the people who care about her. Your elderly family member may seem to be more emotional than usual as she deals with end-of-life challenges. It’s also possible that she is confused or emotionally upset, especially if she’s facing a lot of cognitive changes. Having assistance finding the right emotional and mental health support can make all the difference as your senior nears the end of her life.

Help with Practical Issues

Then there are the practical, hands-on issues that just get overwhelming. End-of-life care can handle tasks that are just not possible for you and other family members to handle, for whatever reason. Knowing that there’s someone there who can offer respite care and other assistance when your elderly family member needs it most can be tremendously helpful to you as her primary family caregiver. As your senior’s needs become more challenging for you and for her to manage, the types of help that she receives can change as well to continue to meet those needs.

Addressing the different issues that your senior is facing is so much easier with the right help. End-of-life care providers are able to offer that assistance and meet challenges head on. They’re able to pull together the resources that you, your senior’s family, and your senior need in order to face this stage of her life with grace.

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