Everything You Need to Know about Hospice Care for Your Family Member

Hospice Care in Grass Valley CA

Hospice Care in Grass Valley CA

When your elderly family member is nearing the end of her life, there are a lot of different things to think about and to manage on her behalf. One of the most unnerving can sometimes be opting for different types of care, like hospice. Here are some things that you might want to know in order to make a decision about hospice easier on your family.

What Does Hospice Do?

Hospice care offers a way for your elderly family member to experience a different type of care than she might have been receiving to this point. Hospice services are a holistic form of care, focusing on relieving symptoms and helping your senior to have all of her needs addressed. The main goal is to ensure that your senior has the best quality of life possible at this stage of her illness.

Starting Hospice Earlier Has Benefits

Very often families wait to even explore the idea of hospice treatments. That’s typically because of the misunderstandings that tend to accompany the talk of hospice. But when your family member accesses hospice care sooner, that means that she has more of an opportunity to take advantage of all of the ways that hospice can help her and the entire family.

Hospice vs. Palliative Treatments

In order to take advantage of hospice care, your elderly family member needs to be certified through her doctor. Palliative care, which is a different type of care for people with chronic health issues, does not have to be certified by her doctor. Palliative care focuses more on helping your senior to manage her symptoms, but it can be started at any time. Hospice is certified when your elderly family member is reaching the end of her journey with a terminal condition.

Is Hospice Permanent?

One fear that many people have in relation to hospice is that it’s a permanent decision. In fact, that’s often why so many people wait to opt for hospice treatments at all. If your elderly family member decides later that she feels better or that she wants to try curative treatments again, she can opt back out of hospice. It’s never something that she’s locked into on a permanent basis.

Your senior’s doctor can help her and you to walk through her various options. Getting all of your questions about hospice and what it means specifically for your senior can help to make it easier for her to do what works best for her.

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