Five Ways to Be There for Someone in the End Stages of Cancer

End-of-Life Care in Folsom CA

End-of-Life Care in Folsom CA

Knowing that your aging family member is losing her battle with cancer is tough. Your senior needs all the help that you’re willing to offer, though, and there are some important ways that you can be there for her. It’s good to remember that you aren’t alone in caring for your senior parent with cancer. End-of-life care providers can offer you respite during such a difficult time, as well as the emotional and physical support your parent needs. Here are a few ways you can support your senior at the end of her battle with cancer:

Let Them Talk if They Need To

Not everyone wants to talk, or even talk all the time, about what’s happening or stories from the past. If your elderly family member does feel like talking, though, the best thing that you and other family members can do is to listen. Just being there can be incredibly helpful. Ask questions that help you to better understand your family member, if she’s open to that.

Keep Them Company

Even if your elderly family member doesn’t want to talk much, just keeping her company can do so much. Watch favorite movies or TV shows together, read, or just listen to music your senior enjoys. Whatever it is that your elderly family member feels up for doing is way better if she has company.

Be Honest

Lots of times people feel as if keeping bad news or uncomfortable information away from someone in the end stages of cancer is better in some way. But that can be hurtful to your family member if she ultimately finds out that you knew and kept that information from her. It’s best to be honest and to face what’s happening head on.

Offer to Help in Specific Ways

A common mistake that all sorts of people make is to offer to help in a general way. Instead of just asking if you can do something for your senior, get specific. Ask if you can bring her a favorite meal or if she’d appreciate a book or movie. When you’re specific, that can help your senior to feel less overwhelmed by your offer.

Don’t Be Afraid to Lean on End-of-life Care Providers

At this stage of your elderly family member’s battle with cancer, end-of-life care providers can offer so much assistance. They’re there for hands-on help in the ways your senior needs it most, but they’re also there to help coordinate assistance for your whole family. And when you need a break, they can offer respite care as well. All of this can help you, your senior, and your family to deal with what is happening.

It’s never easy to realize that your senior is nearing the end of a long and painful battle with cancer. But being there for her in the ways that she needs and wants you to be can make it all easier.

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