Five Ways to Help Your Senior to Cope with Fatigue Near the End of Her Life

Hospice Elder Care in Yuba City CA

Hospice Elder Care in Yuba City CA

Dealing with fatigue is never easy for anyone, but it can be even more complicated for your senior as she nears the end of her life. Figuring out how to make fatigue a little easier on her might mean using a combination of tools.

Encourage Her to Rest and Try to Improve Sleep Quality

Fatigue is often a sign of other issues, and one of those issues might be that your elderly family member isn’t getting the quality sleep that she needs. If that is the case, then working out how to improve her sleep quality is essential. Resting more can also be helpful, especially if she’s trying to push herself too hard to keep up the appearance that everything is normal and that she’s not entering a different stage of her life.

Make a Plan for Busier Days

When you and your senior know that a particularly busy day or time is coming up for her, say a doctor’s appointment that she needs to travel to, it helps to have a plan. Make note of what needs to happen the day before, for instance, to set your senior up for success the next day. It’s also helpful to plan out how that day itself will likely go and what needs to happen. That way you have a better idea of how you have to accommodate your senior.

Help Her to Learn to Use Assistive Tools

If your elderly family member isn’t already using assistive devices, that might be something to remedy sooner rather than later. She may not be excited about using a walker or a wheelchair, but not using either of these tools might mean that she puts herself in a situation where she uses too much of her energy reserves. Anything that allows her to do something more easily is an important addition to her day.

Get Some Additional Help as Well

Having some additional help is another good way for your elderly family member to get the rest that she needs. Depending on your senior’s health issues, hospice elder care may be a good option. This type of care ensures that your elderly family member is as comfortable as possible while she deals with the later stages of terminal health conditions. Your senior’s varying needs can all be taken care of with the help of hospice elder care.

Accept that Some Days Will Be Better than Others

Finally, it can help both you and your senior to realize that at this stage of her life, she’s likely to have both good days and bad days. That might mean that on good days your senior pushes herself farther than she should, while on bad days she may not even feel like getting out of bed. There’s nothing wrong with resting when she needs to do so, and sometimes it can be helpful to hear that from someone that cares about her.

Fatigue is not the same as being tired. It’s a few layers down from merely being tired and your senior needs more than a good night of sleep to handle the effects of fatigue.

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