Four Things to Know about Palliative Care and Cancer

Palliative Care in Folsom CA

Palliative Care in Folsom CA

When your senior is dealing with a cancer diagnosis, what you want most for her is to be able to have the best quality of life she possibly can. What that might mean is investigating what palliative care can do for her while she’s managing her health in curative ways, too. Palliative options are valuable, and can boost her morale as well as helping her to manage side effects and symptoms that have been taking a toll on her.

Need for Palliative Care Relies on Symptoms

Your senior doesn’t have to be in the latest stages of cancer to receive palliative care options. Palliative treatments are based on symptoms, unlike hospice care which is an end-of-life care option. There are a multitude of symptoms that come along with cancer and with cancer treatments, and it’s crucial for your elderly family member to have options available to her.

Palliative Care Can Work with Curative Treatments

There’s a common misconception that palliative treatments mean that your elderly family member has given up and is no longer actively battling cancer. This isn’t true at all because palliative care options do not interfere with curative treatments. These are therapies and services that offer your senior support while she is continuing to undergo treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treatments.

Your Senior’s Doctors Might Not Mention Palliative Care

It’s often a surprise to find that most doctors don’t mention palliative care to their patients. Your senior may need to bring it up with her doctor in order to coordinate services. This isn’t because her doctor doesn’t care, but it’s because your senior’s doctor is more focused on helping to cure what’s ailing her. Palliative services have a different perspective.

Palliative Care Solves Problems

The bottom line is that palliative care can solve many problems that your senior has, often as she first starts noticing that there is a problem. There are so many factors that make cancer so difficult to deal with, from the stress of waiting for test results to managing pain and other symptoms. Palliative therapies work in partnership with your senior and her medical team.

If your elderly family member is battling cancer through curative therapies, palliative care can greatly expand the options available to her in managing her quality of life and the symptoms she’s experiencing. It can also help her to deal with the mental and emotional impact of cancer.

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