Hospice Myths and Their Corresponding Truths

Hospice Care in Sacramento CA

Hospice Care in Sacramento CA

Hospice care is a vital part of helping people and families manage end-of-life concerns. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about this type of care that make families reluctant to accept this kind of assistance. Here are some of the myths that abound about hospice care and the realities that go with them.

Hospice Means Everyone Has Given Up

For some people, the belief about hospice is that it’s the only option left and therefore everyone involved has given up on the person who is dying. The reality is that when someone is choosing hospice care, they and their care team are shifting the focus from curative therapies to palliative ones that emphasize comfort and support.

Hospice Causes Death to Happen More Quickly

Many people believe that hospice care causes people to die more quickly. The rationale for this belief is often because curative treatments stop, so that must mean that the end will come more quickly. What really happens, however, is that hospice often extends someone’s life because the focus is on managing symptoms and offering comfort, which has beneficial impacts on lifespan.

Hospice Is Only for the Very End

Sometimes people wait way longer than they should to embrace hospice care. That’s because they tend to believe that hospice is only helpful at the very end of life. People become eligible for hospice when they’re expected to have only six months left to live. That timeframe could very well be extended, especially because of the benefits of hospice care.

Hospice Is Only for Cancer Patients

Lots of people are only familiar with hospice because someone they knew had cancer and chose hospice near the end of life. The truth is that hospice is not limited to one type of health issue. There are all sorts of life-limiting conditions, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and so many more. All of these patients can benefit from hospice.

People Have to Stay in Hospice

Lots of patients believe that when they choose hospice, that’s the final choice and they can’t change their minds. The reality is that hospice care is just another type of care that patients can opt into or out of whenever they want. If patients no longer want to be in hospice, they can leave whenever they want. For instance, this happens when patients find their symptoms improving or they decide they want to try curative therapies again.

Hospice Is Depressing

Because hospice patients do tend to die, many people associate hospice with depression and other negative emotions. Hospice care providers are there for families during a difficult time, but that doesn’t mean that everything is depressing. Hospice teams help patients and families find comfort when someone they love is nearing the end of life.
Hospice care is a crucial part of helping families approach the end of life in a positive manner with as much support as possible. When families understand as much as possible about the realities of hospice, they’re better able to make decisions during that difficult time.

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