How Does Hospice Care Help Seniors Who Are Failing to Thrive?

Hospice Care in Folsom CA

Hospice Care in Folsom CA

Hospice care offers compassionate and holistic care to people who are near the end of life. Often seniors who are facing life-limiting illnesses begin to experience something called failure to thrive. This means that they are experiencing declining health, sometimes even with other treatments in place to help stabilize their symptoms. Hospice can help seniors who are failing to thrive to be as comfortable as possible in the time that they have left.

Monitoring Fluid Intake

Hydration is incredibly important for everyone, but especially for seniors who are failing to thrive. Hospice providers can help to monitor fluid intake, ensuring that seniors are getting plenty of water. Maintaining fluid intake can help to reduce dehydration and other complications.

Tracking Moods and Depression

Depression and emotional distress can be a big issue for seniors who are near the end of life. Hospice providers help to monitor moods and emotional well-being in order to offer solutions whenever possible. Connecting seniors and family members with counselors and other tools can be a huge relief.

Recording and Monitoring Food Intake

When seniors are failing to thrive, they may not be eating much at all. If they’re still able to eat, having reminders can go a long way toward maintaining nutritional levels. Hospice elder care providers can also help seniors who are having difficulty eating each day with the physical task of eating, ensuring that they’re getting as much nutrition as possible.

Encouraging Social Interaction

Patients who are failing to thrive may also be isolating themselves, withdrawing from the people who care about them. Hospice can help to bridge that gap, encouraging seniors to engage with other people as much as they’re willing to do so. Hospice can also help seniors to manage connections with family members in such a way that helps them to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Encouraging Other Activities

Even at the end of life there can be a lot of joy to be had. Engaging in activities that are fulfilling and that bring joy is an important part of how seniors can continue to experience positive quality of life. Hospice providers make it easier for seniors to watch movies they want to watch, listen to music, and engage in activities in so many other ways.

Managing Symptoms and Pain

Finally, failure to thrive can bring pain and other symptoms that are not easy to manage. Hospice care focuses on helping seniors to manage those symptoms in a variety of different ways. Therapies that aren’t available when patients are still undergoing curative treatments may be possible with hospice. Finding the best ways to manage those symptoms can bring a lot of comfort to aging adults.

Hospice care puts together personalized plans that address both preferences and needs for patients experiencing difficulty. When seniors are failing to thrive, hospice can often offer solutions that take the patient’s full scope of needs into account. In the time that they have left, seniors are able to experience the comfort and the dignity that they need most.

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