Understanding Why It’s Important to Start Hospice Care as Early as Possible

Hospice Care in Roseville CA

Hospice Care in Roseville CA

Hospice care is most effective for people when it is started early in the course of a terminal illness, rather than waiting until the last few days or weeks of life. This is because hospice is designed to provide comprehensive support and comfort to both patients and their families, and starting hospice care early allows for more time to form relationships with hospice providers and fully evaluate the services available.

The Hospice Care Team

When hospice care is started early, the patient and their family have the opportunity to receive care from a team of healthcare professionals who specialize in end-of-life care. This team typically includes a physician, nurse, social worker, chaplain, and other healthcare professionals as needed. The team works together to provide medical, emotional, and spiritual support to the patient and their family, with the goal of improving the patient’s quality of life and helping the family cope with the challenges of the illness. An earlier start often means that it’s easier to add members to this team.

Starting Hospice Early Offers Other Chances to Get a Head Start

Starting hospice care early also allows the patient and their family to receive education and support on a range of topics, including pain management, symptom control, emotional and spiritual support, and end-of-life planning. This education and support can help the patient and their family make informed decisions about their care and prepare for the end of life in a way that is meaningful and comforting. It’s also possible that starting symptom control and pain management early in the process helps to avoid the situation getting worse before it gets better.

Waiting Limits Care Options

Waiting until the last few days or weeks of life to start hospice care can limit the benefits that hospice teams can provide. When hospice care is started late, there may be less time to establish a relationship with the hospice team and to receive the full range of services that are available. Services and therapies that might have been available earlier in the process might no longer be an option. This can make it more difficult to manage symptoms and provide emotional and spiritual support to the patient and their family.

Waiting Can Also Restrict End-of-life Planning

Starting hospice care later may also limit the patient’s ability to make better and more informed decisions about their care and to participate in end-of-life planning. This can be especially challenging for patients who are experiencing physical or cognitive decline, as they may have limited ability to communicate their wishes or make decisions about their care. If families have waited to have conversations about end-of-life plans, this can feel devastating to everyone involved.

Starting hospice care as soon as possible is about offering patients the best possible support and comfort as they near the end of their lives. Respecting end-of-life wishes is important, and hospice teams can help families to understand what those wishes are. Every case is different, of course, but few people benefit when they wait to take a closer look at how hospice can help.

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