6 Main Reasons to Choose Hospice Elder Care

Hospice Elder Care in Roseville CA

Hospice Elder Care in Roseville CA

It’s difficult to acknowledge that your senior is near the end of her life. You and other family members want that time that is left to be as positive as possible for your senior, and hospice elder care can help you to do just that. If you’re still wondering if this is the right choice for her situation, this information can help.

Extending Life as Long as Possible

Patients are often surprised to find that hospice treatment can extend life by a short period. There’s never a guarantee that this can happen, of course, but it’s something that you and everyone who cares about your elderly family member may hope happens. Often caregivers worry that living longer than the six months expected by her doctor means that your elderly family member cannot continue with hospice. Recertification is possible.

Offering Nursing and Practical Care at the End of Life

Hospice providers are able to offer nursing assistance to your senior, including helping with medical supplies and medications. As your elderly family member needs more help, such as with bathing and other tasks, they’re there to help. They can also help to coordinate other services that your senior needs at the end of her life.

Keeping Your Family Member Comfortable

Curative treatments are often harsh, especially as your elderly family member edges closer to the end of her life. The types of treatments that hospice elder care offers can be much easier on her, allowing her to be much more comfortable. During this stage of your senior’s life, it’s vital that she is able to relax and try to enjoy the time that she has left.

Improving Quality of Life

Because of the focus that hospice elder care places on ensuring that your senior is comfortable and is able to live the rest of her life as she wants, your elderly family member’s quality of life improves. Often curative treatments also have side effects that are unpleasant. Stopping those treatments helps to reduce the impact that they have on your senior’s life.

Achieving Important Goals at the End of Life

Is there something big your elderly family member wants to do before she passes away? Whether that is reconnecting with someone that she loves or meeting some other important goal, hospice care providers can help. Those goals don’t have to be big ones that require a lot from your elderly family member, either.

Supporting Family Caregivers and Other Family Members

Finally, hospice elder care can offer tons of support for you and for other family members. Dealing with the loss of a family member is not easy to do, even with the support of other family members. Hospice care can put you and your family members in touch with support networks that can help you to deal with what you’re experiencing.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone that you love, but hospice care teams can provide you with the resources and support that you need in order to do so.

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