Life After Caregiving and How Hospice Elder Care Helps

Hospice Elder Care in Folsom CA

Hospice Elder Care in Folsom CA

Caring for someone as they age is an incredibly rewarding experience. For so many family caregivers, the caregiving journey becomes such a huge part of their lives that it’s tough to remember what life was like before. And as someone they love and care for nears the end of life, it’s even tougher to understand what’s going to happen after they pass away. Hospice elder care can offer a lot of assistance to families as they try to work out what happens after the caregiving journey ends.

Managing Loss and Grief

Any recovery after someone passes away starts with managing the grief and loss that arise from that event. Family caregivers are typically grieving not only the loss of the person they love but also the role that they used to play as a caregiver. It’s important to feel those feelings in order to process them and to move through them fully. Some of those emotions won’t necessarily be positive ones, which can be difficult to face.

Adjusting to New Circumstances

After someone passes away, there’s a new normal that can feel really odd. Family caregivers in particular may feel as if they’re forgetting something or as if there is something they need to do. They may have a lot more time on their hands than they have had in quite a while and that can be overwhelming. Navigating a new identity takes time.

Reconnecting with Life

One step that can help is to start reconnecting with life, even before the person nearing the end of life passes away. Hospice elder care can be there to take care of the person’s needs, which can free up time and energy for family caregivers. Taking time to rest and reset is an important part of the healing process.

Nurturing Relationships

Rebuilding relationships with other family members, friends, and even acquaintances can be an important step for family caregivers. Spending quality time with other people and sharing experiences with them can help so very much. Hospice can help families to find support groups, therapists, and other resources that can help them to reconnect with other people.

Relearning Self-care

Family caregivers are often really good at taking care of other people, but they might not be so great at taking care of themselves anymore. It takes a little bit of time to relearn self-care practices and to start engaging in those activities regularly. Putting together a plan to prioritize physical, emotional, and mental well-being is so important, especially for people who are recovering from the loss of someone they love.

The end of a caregiving journey is a significant life transition for the person who passes away and for the people who love and cared for that person. Hospice elder care is there to take on some of those end-of-life needs, but also to help the family members who are hurting, too. They can offer resources and support that help family caregivers and other family members to rebuild their lives after the caregiving journey ends.

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