Six Ways to Make it Easier to Transition to Hospice Elder Care

Hospice Elder Care in Chico CA

Hospice Elder Care in Chico CA

Making the transition to hospice elder care can be an incredibly emotional decision for patients and families to make. There are a lot of benefits to moving from curative treatments to care that prioritizes comfort and quality of life, but it can still be difficult. The key can be taking things slowly and making sure that patients have the support they need. Here are some ways to make that transition easier.

Communicate About What’s Happening

It’s vital for everyone involved in the decision to understand what’s happening and why these decisions are being made. This might mean getting family education for family caregivers and other involved family members. It also means talking to the person who is at the end of life and determining what their needs and wants are.

Involve Everyone on the Care Team

Hospice is a collaborative type of care and the healthcare providers, doctors, and other specialists who helped the person before this decision are still part of the care team. It’s vital for everyone on the care team to stay involved and up to date about changes in care needs and preferences. This helps ensure that care plans are as accurate as possible.

Clarify Goals and Preferences

A big part of the transition to hospice elder care involves understanding the goals and preferences of the patient. Ensuring that their priorities and wishes are uppermost in everyone’s mind helps to preserve their end-of-life experience as much as possible. If something happens that changes these goals, it’s important to keep everyone involved apprised.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Comfort is a huge aspect of hospice. Keeping the living space as comfortable as possible is vital for the patient’s comfort. Little choices like lighting, temperature, and more can all have a bigger impact than expected. Hospice care providers can help families to stay on top of what changes might help the experience to be a more comfortable one.

Engage in Advance Care Planning

If patients haven’t already focused on advance care planning, now is the time to do so. Understanding and documenting healthcare preferences and decisions is crucial because it helps ensure that the patient’s wishes are respected. This may also be the last time that the patient is able to have those wants and needs expressed.

Focus on Quality of Life

One of the biggest reasons to make the move to hospice is in order to focus more on quality of life concerns. Keeping the focus on quality of life during and after the transition to hospice elder care ensures that everyone stays on the same page. This allows families to offer an experience that honors their family member’s life as much as possible.
Making the transition to hospice elder care doesn’t have to be overwhelming and jarring for families. This is an opportunity to prioritize compassionate and holistic care for people facing life-limiting health issues. Keeping the focus on what the patient needs and wants can help everyone involved to put the right solutions in place when they’re needed most.

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