When Do Families Need to Consider Hospice Elder Care?

Hospice Elder Care in Roseville CA

Hospice Elder Care in Roseville CA

Navigating end-of-life needs can be incredibly difficult for seniors and the people who love them. Complicate the situation with serious illnesses and other needs, and the options available might feel limited. Hospice elder care is a holistic type of care that offers comfort and support during the final stages of someone’s life. This type of care focuses on quality of life, which is something that is often at the top of most family caregivers’ lists during this stage of life.

Medical Providers Are Recommending Hospice

The big indication that it’s time for hospice care is that the person’s medical team is recommending this type of care. This usually happens when the patient is expected to have only six months or fewer left to live. The health issues that are limiting life may be progressing even more than they have been, making it more obvious that the patient is near the end of life. Hospice is typically certified six months at a time, and patients can be recertified if they continue to meet the criteria to receive treatment.

Curative Treatment Is No Longer an Option

If patients have been trying curative treatments such as chemotherapy and other types of treatments, they may start to realize that these treatments are no longer an option for them. The treatments in question might not be available any longer or they might have stopped working for the patient. At that point, hospice can become the best option available because of its focus on overall well-being. Seniors are able to have their symptoms managed without worrying about the curative end of the equation.

Medical Treatments Aren’t Changing Anything

May patients may continue with medical treatments for a longer time than strictly necessary. This often happens because of hope that the medical treatments will suddenly prove effective or “do something” positive. But eventually medical interventions may no longer offer positive results and the side effects may outweigh anything else. This can become a situation where symptom support is more important, and hospice can do that for patients.

Seniors Don’t Want to Be in a Hospital Setting

By a certain stage in a life-limiting illness, most patients start to get tired of being in a hospital setting day in and day out. They may want to go home or express a desire to be somewhere else that is comforting to them. Hospice elder care allows patients to receive care at home, where they may be a lot happier and more comfortable. Hospice facilities are also an option, and many offer a homey environment for patients and family members.

Deciding when hospice elder care is the right choice is not necessarily an easy thing for families to do. But when seniors and their family members are looking at all of their available options, it is a lot easier to focus on meeting the needs that are most prevalent at that stage of life. Working with doctors and other medical providers can help family members to feel better about the choices that they’re making.


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