How Can You and Your Senior Start Planning End-of-life Care?

End-of-Life Care in Danville CA

End-of-Life Care in Danville CA

Helping your elderly family member to have the quality of life and the types of care that she wants at the end of her life is a vital part of your role as her family caregiver. But having those talks can feel really complicated at times. You both might have even been avoiding discussing these issues. If you haven’t already talked about what happens next, now is the time to make sure that you’re both on the same page.

Talk about What Concerns Your Senior Has

Sit down with your elderly family member and find out what concerns she has about the end of her life. She may be worried about upsetting the people who love her. She might also have some specific wants, like dying at home, that are non-negotiable for her. It’s important to understand what your senior’s biggest concerns are so that you can work to address them for her.

Set up a Time to Talk with Her Doctor

It’s time to get some information about your senior’s medical needs and how those intersect with her needs and wants. By sitting down and having a frank conversation with your senior’s doctor, you and she can have a chance to share what you’ve worked out and determine if there’s anything you’re missing. This allows you to get a full picture of what your senior is up against.

What Does Your Senior Want at the End of Her Life?

With the information you both have from your conversation and from the talk you’ve had with her doctor, you and your senior can put together a plan. When you know what she wants, you’re going to be better able to see when it’s time to bring in end-of-life care services. This eliminates a lot of guessing on your part, which can be frustrating for you and for your elderly family member.

Put it All in Writing

It’s even more helpful if you and your elderly family member can put her wishes into writing. This ensures that you’ve got everything accurately notated and that there’s no question in your mind that you understand your senior’s wishes. It’s easy to lose track of what your elderly family member wants when her situation changes and you’re facing more grief than you expected to experience.

Having help during this time is crucial, both for your senior and for you. End-of-life care providers can help you to ensure that you’re keeping faith with your senior’s ultimate wishes.

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