How to Manage Dry Mouth at the End of Life

As your elderly family member gets closer to the end of her life, minor inconveniences can start to add up and become more irritating for her. One small issue that fits that description can be dry mouth. There are some things you can do to help your elderly family member to experience less of the effects of dry mouth.

Help Her to Get Some More Water

If your elderly family member is still able to eat and drink, it might help to encourage her to drink water a little more often. Just a few more sips each hour can help to keep her lips and mouth moist so that she’s less likely to feel irritation from dry mouth. Using a straw can be helpful if drinking is a little more difficult for her. Offer to hold the cup for her to make things even easier.

Try Increasing the Humidity in Her Room

Exterior humidity levels matter more than you might think, too. Use an inexpensive humidity monitor to put a number to the humidity levels in your senior’s home. If the meter shows that levels are a little bit on the lower side, add a humidifier for an hour or two to see what that does. This can help your senior to feel comfortable in other ways, too.

Lip Balms and Damp Cloths Can Help Some

Some of the other tools to consider are simple ones, too. If your elderly family member isn’t awake a lot, it can help for your to keep a damp cloth handy. Dabbing at her lips with the damp cloth every so often can help to keep her lips moist and may help with dry mouth when she is awake. You might also want to use a nourishing lip balm in between.

Get Tips from Her Medical Team

Your senior’s doctors and elder care providers are also an excellent source of assistance. Elder care providers in particular may know of a lot of little things you can try to help your senior’s dry mouth issues. The condition is likely to be a little more complex if your senior is sleeping a lot more often than she has been, but it’s still something that you can find ways to manage.

Dry mouth is just one more small complication that can affect your senior’s quality of life as she nears the end of her journey. Try a combination of tips to see what works for her.

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