Is Hospice Elder Care the Right Answer for Your Senior?

Hospice Elder Care in Auburn CA

Hospice Elder Care in Auburn CA

Determining when it is time to seek out comfort care for your elderly family member is a hard decision. There are a lot of different factors that go into making this call, and these are just a few.

She Has Needed Medical Care a Lot More Often

If your elderly family member is spending a lot more time at her doctor’s office, hospital, or emergency room, this can be a sign that her health is getting a lot worse. This is common with progressive health issues that are continuing to get worse over time, but it can also be something that your senior experiences because of sudden health issues. It is possible that hospice elder care may be the right choice for her to receive care at home.

She’s Experiencing Other Symptoms of Worsening Health

There are other signs of worsening health that your elderly family member might not necessarily seek medical treatment for as well. Symptoms like shortness of breath while resting can be an indication that your senior’s body isn’t operating as she expects, and that can be due to a variety of different causes. If she’s experiencing other symptoms of worsening health, she should mention them to her doctor.

She Has Fallen More Often

Anyone can experience a tumble once in a while, but a fall is incredibly dangerous for older adults. If your elderly family member is experiencing near misses where she almost falls or she is actually falling, these are signs of bigger problems. The falls themselves could lead to serious health issues, but there may be more going on.

She’s Experiencing More Weakness or Fatigue

Does your elderly family member experience more fatigue than usual? Or maybe she feels as if she’s weaker than ever and feeling worse every day? These can be signs that her health is worsening, but also that she might be ready for hospice elder care. Understanding the underlying causes can help your senior’s doctors to make the right recommendation for her.

She’s Losing Weight without Trying

Another sign that your elderly family member’s life may be changing is that she is losing weight but there’s no obvious reason for her to be doing so. Losing weight without trying to do so can be an indication that there is more going on behind the scenes. If your elderly family member is dealing with a terminal condition, she may be nearing the later stages.

Her Doctor Has Mentioned that Her Life Expectancy Is Limited

The biggest indication for your senior that she may want to consider hospice elder care is that her doctor has told her that her life is becoming limited. Her doctor would specifically mention this if they believe that your senior has six months or less left. Entering hospice now could give your senior a chance to focus on comfort with the time that she has left.

There are many different reasons that your elderly family member might know that hospice elder care is the right move for her. It’s important to understand what this type of care can do for your senior and how it can help her during this stage of her life.


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