Is it Time for End-of-life Care?

End-of-Life Care in Rocklin CA

End-of-Life Care in Rocklin CA

It’s difficult to have a full understanding of something you haven’t experienced on any level, which is something that can hold some families back from choosing end-of-life care as an option for a senior family member. It really helps to get more acquainted with exactly how this type of care supports your senior as she gets closer to the end of her life. The options are much more varied than you might expect and there’s a lot of attention paid to what your senior wants.

Your Senior’s Comfort Tops the List

The most important thing to realize about end-of-life care is that your senior’s comfort and dignity take priority. This is a type of care that is all about centering your senior’s needs. This type of care is a liaison between your senior’s doctors and your family, to help ensure that she’s getting everything that she needs and nothing that she wants to avoid.

End-of-life Care Is Personalized

That’s part of what helps to make this type of care so very personal. Your senior’s needs aren’t the same as other people who are dealing with the same health issues. Her needs are uniquely her own and in turn, her care needs to be uniquely her own as well. If there are times that her care needs to change to accommodate those shifting needs, that’s easily done.

End-of-life Care Respects Your Senior’s Wishes

Your senior has hopefully shared with you and her medical providers what she wants from this stage of her life. Even if you haven’t talked explicitly about those wishes, odds are that you have a good idea what she wants and needs at this time. End-of-life care is about her comfort, which also means that it supports respecting her wishes, even the smallest ones.

This Type of Care Works for Your Whole Family

There’s so much more going on right now than just what your senior is experiencing, though. There’s what you and the rest of your family are facing, and that can be a huge challenge for all of you. Something that helps immeasurably is having care providers available who understand the needs of your entire family as a unit. They can help you to find resources that help all of you to cope.

Get to know what end-of-life care can do for your senior and put as many of those resources to work for her as you can.

If you are considering end-of-life care in Rocklin, CA, for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at PIC Comfort Care today. Call (530) 885-9948.

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