5 Significant Benefits of Palliative Care

Palliative Care in Yuba City CA

Palliative Care in Yuba City CA

Receiving a diagnosis of a chronic or incurable illness is seriously intimidating for your family member. It can also make you and other family members wonder how you can continue to help her as much as possible. There’s a specific type of care, called palliative care, that can help with all of the scary aspects of figuring out how to help her manage her health.

Managing Complicated Symptoms

By its very nature, a serious and chronic health issue is complicated. That means that there are often difficult symptoms, possibly even because of curative therapies. Palliative care is able to offer ways to manage those symptoms that curative types of care often just can’t address. Keeping those symptoms under better control can be life-changing for your family member.

Reducing Depression and Other Mental Health Concerns

Often chronic health conditions bring with them mental health impacts, including depression and everything that comes with it. Having help from a medical team that is focused on ensuring that your family member is able to continue to live her life can make a tremendous difference in how she’s able to cope with her condition. It can also help your family member to remain socially engaged.

Improving Quality of Life

Quality of life sounds like a simple metric to manage for a chronically ill family member, but it can be complicated. Any type of serious health issue is likely to have a major impact on your family member’s ability to enjoy the life she wants to enjoy. Adding palliative care to the mix can greatly increase her quality of life.

Supporting Caregivers and Family Members

But this type of care isn’t just about what your family member needs. As her primary family caregiver, you and other family members likely need more support, education, and assistance than you realize. Palliative teams can help you to find the resources that you need in order to keep being there for your family member, and that’s absolutely crucial.

Increasing Lifespan

There’s no way to guarantee that any treatment will ensure your family member lives a longer life, but palliative care options can make a difference in how she feels. Reducing depression, properly managing symptoms, and family members helping can all work together to possibly increase her lifespan. Working with your senior’s medical team as closely as possible is how palliative care providers are able to do so much for your family member.

Many people aren’t aware that this type of care is even available. From the time your family member is diagnosed with a chronic health issue, it can be important to look into whether even some palliative options are a good idea for her to try out. This type of care is extremely flexible and can help your family member as much or as little as she needs at any given time.

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