What Is Palliative Care All About?

Palliative Care in Rocklin CA

Palliative Care in Rocklin CA

Your senior’s current treatment plans may be helping your senior, but is there more that she needs? When your elderly family member is facing a chronic health condition, curative therapies often leave out some aspects of care that are crucial for both emotional and physical well-being. Palliative care can help to fill in those gaps so that your senior’s overall wellness is considered.

Offering Advice and Support

Often people turn to palliative care services when they’re at their wits’ ends about what to do next. In most cases, you and your senior have been dealing with these specific health issues for a long time and are feeling as if you’re out of options. Palliative care providers can help you to find support and options that your senior needs in order to manage her health.

Managing Symptoms

Symptom management is crucial with chronic health conditions. With the help of palliative care providers, you can put a plan together that assists your senior with her most troublesome symptoms. Doing this can help your elderly family member to improve her quality of life immensely. There may be a lot more that your senior can rely on to help her with some of the most complicated of her symptoms.

Recommending Care that Focuses on Comfort

Your senior’s medical team can focus on her medical needs, but there’s more to life than just taking the right medications and going through the right treatment plans. Some chronic health conditions, like COPD, mean that your senior is facing issues that are complicated and that affect her overall well-being. Learning breathing exercises, for instance, can help her to deal with the physical impacts of shortness of breath and manage the anxiety that those issues bring.

Future Planning

If your elderly family member needs referrals to other care providers, like a psychologist, to help with specific issues, palliative care providers can often help with those. Also, if your elderly family member has been avoiding issues like advance care planning, palliative care providers can help to open up those conversations. Knowing what your senior wants and what her goals are for future care helps you to assist her in achieving those goals.

Palliative care works with your senior’s existing healthcare team to make sure that she’s got all of her bases covered. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to managing serious chronic health issues, and it helps to have someone helping your elderly family member that has experience.

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