What Do You and Your Family Need to Know about Palliative Care?

Palliative Care in Marysville CA

Palliative Care in Marysville CA

If you’ve never considered palliative care options for your aging family member, you’re not alone. Many people don’t even know that this type of care is available. In addition, they don’t know how to start with the service. Palliative treatment options are about ensuring that she’s able to live her life as happily and healthfully as possible.

When Is Palliative Care an Option?

Palliative services are available to your senior as soon as she’s diagnosed with chronic, ongoing illnesses. This type of care is about making sure that she is as comfortable as possible while she’s dealing with her diagnosis. Some of the health issues that benefit from palliative care include COPD, heart failure, cancer, and more.

How Can You Tell Palliative Treatments Are Right for Your Senior?

Palliative treatment options aren’t about curing your senior’s health issues. These types of treatments help with issues like coping with stress from chronic health issues or with pain management. There are tons of ways that palliative services can help your elderly family member to manage symptoms. Improving her quality of life as she deals with the other aspects of managing her health.

What Happens with This Type of Care?

This type of care is offered in conjunction with curative treatments. This means your senior is still working with her doctors to put together the best possible care plan. Palliative therapies are in addition to those treatments, giving your elderly family member another way to learn as much as she can about how to manage her health.

How Do You Access This Type of Care?

Unlike with other types of care, your senior only needs to let her doctors know that she’d like some extra help from palliative care providers. That’s a service that her medical team can help her to access even right after she’s diagnosed with a new health issue. Palliative options open up a variety of other types of therapies and treatments.

Is Palliative Care a Permanent Type of Care?

Palliative services are as permanent as your elderly family member needs and wants them to be. For someone with heart failure, palliative care helps with things like edema and reducing stress. Moreover, if your senior ever finds that she no longer needs or wants that type of assistance, she isn’t locked into anything.

This type of care is all about improving your senior’s quality of life in the face of a variety of challenges. That’s going to look different for every person and at different stages of illness.


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