Six Symptoms Palliative Care Can Help to Relieve

Palliative Care in Grass Valley CA

Palliative Care in Grass Valley CA

Chronic health issues bring with them a great many issues for your elderly family member to battle. Among the different symptoms your senior might be battling, these might be some of the ones that impact her daily life the most, and palliative options can help.

Breathing Issues

Shortness of breath or other issues with breathing can be common with many different health issues, including heart disease, COPD, and cancer. With the help of palliative care providers, you can learn techniques that help your senior to ease those issues with her breathing.


Pain, particularly chronic pain, is a huge problem when your senior is nearing the end of her battle with a health issue. Managing pain can be incredibly difficult, but there are techniques that can be used along with a plan from your senior’s doctors that can help.


So many health issues have a side effect of fatigue. And often fatigue can also be a side effect of curative therapies your elderly family member is using to try to manage her health issues. Palliative treatments can do a lot to help your senior to balance caring for her health with feeling better and less fatigue.


Nausea is another side effect of both curative treatments and ailments alike. It can seriously damage your senior’s quality of life and keep her from eating healthy meals. Palliative care providers can help your senior to find the solutions that work best for her.

Appetite Issues

Besides nausea, there can be other appetite issues that affect your senior. When your senior isn’t eating as well as she needs to eat, that can affect so many aspects of her life and health. Finding ways to ensure that your senior is getting nutrients is key to keeping her going.

Sleep Problems

Sleep is a crucial part of well-being, and if your elderly family member is having trouble sleeping it can impact her overall quality of life. End-of-life health issues and some of these other symptoms your senior could be experiencing all add up. Palliative treatments can make it easier for your senior to get the sleep she needs.

Balancing your senior’s needs at the end of her life is a lot easier with help from experts in palliative therapies. Palliative caregivers are able to work with your senior’s care team to help her to be as comfortable as possible. They’re also able to help you to understand what she needs most.

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