What Can You Do When Care Tasks Are Feeling Overwhelming?

Hospice Elder Care in Lincoln CA

Hospice Elder Care in Lincoln CA

As a family caregiver, you may find that you go through phases when you’re more overwhelmed than you are at other times. If your senior’s health is declining, you’re far more likely to be feeling the overwhelm. Getting help makes a difference in everything from what you’re able to get done each day to how comfortable you can help your senior to be.

Get on the Same Page with Your Senior’s Medical Team

One of the biggest ways for you to start feeling out of touch with what’s happening as a family caregiver is to suddenly feel out of step with her health needs. Talk to your senior’s doctors and specialists about what you’re seeing and what she’s experiencing. When you have a better idea what to expect, that can make a huge difference.

Figure out if You’re Missing Something

When your senior’s health is changing rapidly, it can feel like you’re missing something. That might be some information about how her health is changing or about what those changes truly mean for your senior’s overall well-being. You may also be missing tools that can help you, like support groups or extra assistance.

Don’t Get Caught up in “Shoulds”

Thinking about what you “should” be doing is another great way to overwhelm yourself. This is especially difficult when your elderly family member’s health is worsening or when you know that she’s nearing the end of her fight with an illness. You may be worrying a lot about what treatments she should have tried or whether there’s anything that you should have done differently. That’s not going to help you or your elderly family member at all.

Consider Hospice Elder Care Help

If you haven’t already, consider whether it’s time for hospice services. Hospice elder care providers can take a huge load off of your shoulders as a family caregiver and can help to ensure that your elderly family member is getting all of the care assistance that she needs. Overwhelm can also be a sign that you need respite time, which is more important than ever when your elderly family member is experiencing difficulties with her health.

Overwhelm is your brain and your body trying to let you know that you need to look closer at what’s happening. Your existing solutions may not be doing as much for you as they could. Lining up as much experienced assistance as you can changes more than you might think possible.

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