What Does Care at the End of Your Senior’s Life Entail?

Hospice Elder Care in Maryville CA

Hospice Elder Care in Maryville CA

There are a lot of myths around care at the end of someone’s life. The type of care that your elderly family member needs and wants can vary greatly, depending on what she is facing and what her wishes are. It helps if you and she can talk about all of that before she gets to a point where end-of-life decisions have to be made right away.

Talking about Her Goals

Your senior may not know all of the goals she’ll have as she nears the end of her life, especially if you’re having this talk early. But it is really important to know what sorts of treatments your senior wants and doesn’t want and how she wants to handle specific situations. Her goals should cover how she wants the health issues she’s facing to be managed. This might mean that your elderly family member no longer wants certain curative treatments, especially if they feel invasive to her.

Meeting Her Wishes

Hospice elder care providers do everything possible to meet your senior’s wishes. That means taking the goals and requests that she has expressed and working with her medical team to accommodate those wants. It’s not always possible to do this, but more often than not, it is very possible. Prioritizing comfort is a huge part of this type of assistance.

Meeting Her Needs

Your senior’s needs are also something that hospice elder care teams work toward meeting. That might mean that your elderly family member has specific treatments at home rather than traveling to her doctor’s office or to the hospital. That can help her to remain as comfortable as possible at home while still getting the treatments that she needs and is still willing to have.

Giving Your Senior the Kind of Death She Wants

No one wants to think about it this way, but ultimately your senior’s goals are about having the kind of death experience that she wants. If she’s adamant that she wants to pass away at home, then that’s what her hospice elder care team will work toward providing for her. This is about helping your senior to have the experience that she wants to have, right up to the very end.

Your elderly family member’s hospice elder care team works closely with you, your senior, and your senior’s medical team to help her to be comfortable, content, and supported for as long as possible.

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