What Services Are Provided in Palliative Care?

Palliative Care in Sacramento CA

Palliative Care in Sacramento CA

Before agreeing to add palliative care services on to your senior’s current care plan, you might both have some questions about what types of services are available. The care that your senior receives is tailored to her needs, and she has a whole host of options available to her as her needs change.

Treatments and Suggestions for Symptom Management

Managing symptoms in a more effective way is one of the reasons that people start to seek out palliative care. Palliative care can offer different choices for treatments that work alongside the curative therapies your senior is already using. They don’t replace that care, but they can enhance it.

Coordinating and Navigating Healthcare Issues

Navigating the healthcare system is not easy. And when your senior is ill and you’re stressed, it becomes even more frustrating. Your senior’s palliative care team can become a liaison between your senior and her entire healthcare team. When you run into snags or issues, they can help to resolve them more quickly.

Transitioning from Hospitals to Home

If your senior has been in the hospital for treatments or due to complications, coming home can be a daunting idea. Being at home is likely what she and you prefer, however. That transition home is a lot easier when palliative care services are able to coordinate additional care for your elderly family member and help to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Frank and Educational Discussions about Important Decisions

There’s a lot of information that your senior needs in order to make the best decisions for her and for her health. Some of that information can be confusing or even difficult to find. Palliative care providers can help you and your senior to understand everything that is happening so that those decisions are easier.

Support for Your Senior as a Whole Person

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with a chronic illness can be the way that the person often becomes just the illness. Palliative care providers treat your senior holistically, which means that they see her as a whole person and they address all sorts of needs. Her emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs are addressed as much as her physical needs are.

Palliative care may be just the solution your senior has been seeking to round out her care needs. This type of care helps her and the rest of her family to cope with the challenges of her illness.


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