When Is it Time for End-of-life Care?

End-of-Life Care in Yuba City CA

End-of-Life Care in Yuba City CA

There are a lot of questions you face as a family caregiver and one of the most troubling ones can be when your senior may be ready for end-of-life care.

Your Senior Is Short of Breath without Exerting Herself

It’s bad enough when your aging family member experiences shortness of breath when she’s running around doing things, but it’s worse when she’s not even exerting herself and she’s short of breath. This can happen for a variety of different reasons and your elderly family member is likely uncomfortable when this happens.

She’s Fallen More than Once

Avoiding falls is a huge part of keeping your senior safe, but sometimes accidents happen. That one fall doubles the chances that your senior is going to fall again, however, and that’s a problem. If your elderly family member has fallen multiple times, that means that there are special care considerations that you need to put into place. Having help that is more experienced with her specific needs is crucial.

She’s Bedridden

Your elderly family member may become bedridden for a variety of reasons, including any falls she’s experienced. Once your elderly family member is spending the majority of her time confined to bed or even to her favorite chair, her care needs change significantly. Experienced end-of-life care providers can help you to ensure you’re meeting those needs.

She’s Seeing Her Doctor a Lot More

Your senior may be spending a lot more time in doctor’s appointments, or even hospitalized, especially if her health is getting much worse. This may be a point where you, your senior, and her doctor have a very real conversation about your senior’s life expectancy. These are not easy conversations, but her doctor can help you to understand how your senior’s health and her current approaches to her health issues are affecting her.

She Really Doesn’t Want to Keep Trying Curative Therapies

One of the ways that your senior’s quality of life may be dramatically affected right now could involve the therapies she’s choosing in order to treat her health issues. Curative therapies, even some medications that are relatively mild, may involve side effects and other results that your elderly family member no longer wants to deal with on a daily basis.

End-of-life care can help your elderly family member in so many ways, especially if she’s able to access this type of care early enough to truly benefit from it. Talk to your senior’s doctor about the realities of her health and how different care options may help her.

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