When Is it Time to Consider Hospice Elder Care?

There are so many difficult decisions when you’re a family caregiver and knowing when to lean on hospice elder care services can be one of them. Here are some of the signs you might want to watch for as you’re making this vital choice.

Your Family Member Has a Shortened Life Expectancy

Your senior’s doctor will let her know whether her life expectancy has decreased, especially if that’s because of new health issues your senior is facing. This can be a hard reality to face, though. Your elderly family member may not want to believe that this information is accurate. Having hospice elder care providers available can ensure that she’s getting what she needs to protect her quality of life, though.

Your Senior Is Having a Tough Time Maintaining Her Weight

As your senior nears the end of her life, it may be more difficult for her to eat. Or she may be dealing with health issues that affect her appetite or that speed up her metabolism. If she’s losing weight without trying to do so, this can quickly become a situation that causes her to be weaker than either of you would like for her to be.

She’s Bedridden or Having a Difficult Time Getting Around

Mobility can be a big concern for your aging family member. If she is at the stage where she’s finding it increasingly difficult to move around her home safely or she’s become bedridden, specialized help can make life much easier for her and for you. Hospice elder care providers have experience that you both can use.

She No Longer Wants to Treat Illnesses Aggressively

Deciding to opt out of curative treatments doesn’t mean your senior is giving up, but those treatments can take a huge toll on your elderly family member. She may decide that going a palliative route is much more appealing to her. This plan can also help her to better enjoy the time that she has left.

Your Senior Needs Help with ADLs

ADLs are activities of daily living. These are activities like getting up in the morning, showering, and eating. These are basic activities that may be getting much more difficult for your senior to do on a daily basis on her own. If she’s opting not to do these things because of the difficulty involved, then having more help is vital.

Working with hospice elder care providers doesn’t mean that your elderly family member is trying to get to the end of her life faster. It’s a way for her to have the best care and assistance possible in the time she has left.

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