When Is it Time to Request a Hospice Evaluation for a Senior with Dementia?

Hospice Care in Folsom CA

Hospice Care in Folsom CA

Dementia is a complicated illness and it doesn’t move at the same pace for everyone that experiences it. Your elderly family member can stay at the same level for quite a while without needing any changes to her care plan. At some point, though, you may be unsure about whether it’s time to move to hospice care or not. Talking with your elderly family member’s doctor can help you to determine where her health is.

Your Family Member Is Unable to Perform ADLs on Her Own

ADLs, or activities of daily living, are central to successfully living on her own for your senior. These are activities like eating, getting dressed, and using the bathroom. People can live independently for quite a while having extra help with these tasks. If your elderly family member is at a stage where she cannot perform any part of these daily activities on her own, then it may well be time for more comprehensive care.

Her Mobility Is Extremely Hindered

Hampered mobility may well be a problem for your senior, too. As dementia progresses, she may have even more difficulty controlling her body’s movements in the ways that she’s been able to in the past. She may be unable to walk, even with assistance. This can mean that she’s now bedridden, when in the recent past she was able to spend time in other parts of her home.

She’s Unable to Talk

People with dementia gradually lose the ability to communicate with the people who love them and care for them. This may progress slowly, starting with mild aphasia, in which it’s tough for your senior to find the right word when she wants it. Eventually she may get to a point where she can respond to questions with nonverbal answers, but that can also fade.

She’s Experiencing Almost Constant Anxiety

Even if your elderly family member doesn’t communicate in the same ways that you’ve always been used to, you can likely tell that she’s feeling stressed or anxious. That stress and anxiety can come from the changes that she’s experiencing. There’s a lot that she’s lost control over, and even if she can’t explain that frustration, she still feels it. Having some experienced help to manage her needs can be really helpful both for your senior and for you.
Hospice care providers can help your elderly family member to be as comfortable as possible while getting the care that she needs.

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