Why Are Family Members Uncomfortable Talking about Dying?  

Hospice Care in Auburn CA: Why Are Family Members Uncomfortable Talking about Dying?  Talking about death and dying is difficult enough when everyone is healthy. But when someone that you love is edging closer to passing away, some family members might find that it’s more difficult than ever to talk about what’s happening. 

Denial Can Be a Strong Motivator 

It’s really difficult to admit that someone you love and who has been a huge part of your life is about to be gone forever. That can keep some of your family members from being as present as they could be in conversations about your senior’s current health and care. No matter how much you might try to share what’s going on, they might continue to be in denial.  

Fear Is Another Big Issue 

Denial is bad enough, but it almost always stems from a bigger problem. Fear of losing someone they love, fear of their own mortality, and just being afraid in general can lead to avoidance. Everyone reacts to fear in a different way, so your other family members might find themselves hiding in denial or starting arguments with you and with other people they love. 

Leftover Emotional Debris from Long Ago 

No one is perfect, including your aging family member. In fact, she or they might have made some mistakes in the past that never really got resolved. That makes it difficult to talk about and to deal with the impending loss because there’s so much other baggage in the way. It might not be too late to have these conversations, but everyone involved needs to respect your senior’s current health situation.  

Not Knowing What to Do or Say 

The worry that they might say or do the wrong thing entirely can be paralyzing for your family members. They might not be able to communicate that fear to you, either. That means that they might do or say awkward things without being able to give you information that helps. As the primary caregiver, you might have to be the one to reach out and try to decipher what is happening and how they’re feeling.  

It’s never easy when a family member is near death, but that doesn’t mean that you and your other family members shouldn’t talk about what’s happening. Hospice care providers can help you to find ways to get through to other family members while you make sure your senior is as comfortable as she can be. 

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