Will Your Senior Ever Leave Palliative Care?

Palliative Care in Auburn CA

Palliative Care in Auburn CA

One of the things that you and your senior might wonder is whether there’s a time your senior might leave palliative care. Because of the type of care palliative treatments are, your senior may want this type of care for the rest of her life. There’s no reason she can’t do just that. But there may be times when she changes her mind about the types of care she wants or needs.

Every Situation Is Different

No one is going to force your senior to accept any type of care. She’s got choices, even when it feels like she doesn’t. Palliative care is a type of care that if your elderly family member truly feels she’s not getting what she needs and wants from it, she may decide to opt out. There aren’t any requirements for her to stay for a set amount of time. Every situation has different variables, and those make a difference.

Your Senior May Want to Lean More on Curative Treatments

One of the changes that your senior might make is that she could decide that she wants to put her time and energy into curative treatments. This may be the case when she’s not concerned about much beyond trying to treat or cure the health issues she’s battling. Although palliative care can be offered at the same time, your senior may want to just concentrate on curative therapies.

She May Feel Palliative Care Has Done All it Can Do for Her

Palliative care covers a lot of ground, but there may come a point when your senior feels as if it’s done all that it can for her. She may have learned the mindfulness techniques to help with anxiety, for instance, and made all the lifestyle changes that apply to her. She may feel it’s time to make room for something else.

She Could Decide on Another Course of Treatment

If your senior’s condition worsens, she may decide that hospice care is a better option. This is especially the case if her doctors have given her a timeframe of six months or so before she’s likely to pass away. Her focus may shift as her needs shift, causing her to re-evaluate her care options.

Palliative care can help your senior in multiple areas, providing comfort and information when she needs it. It isn’t a type of care that she graduates from, because those benefits can go on and on.

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